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Senior Champions

Meet our Senior Champions

The Senior Champions are a group of older adults aged 50 or above supporting the implementation of the CAMPUS project. They contribute in multiple roles ranging from project group members at undergraduate/ postgraduate classes, layman-advisers to students' projects, HKU tour guides to events planners working closely with Faculty Champions and students.

Here below we introduce some of them to you-


Juliana, 70

Never give up dreaming and working for a better world and for yourself. As a retired teacher, I know the future is in the hands of our next generations. How the future will be- depends on you!


Nelson, 60

"Learn as if you will live forever". I will never cease learning and doing things I enjoy. It is never too late.


Millie, 68

I never had a tertiary education, and so it is natural for me to want to explore what our University is like. I also want to help eliminate ageism on the HKU campus.


Albert, 67

Young people, please explore more areas apart from what you are studying! Never cease to understand what is happening around you.


Winnie, 69

I want to know more about our youngsters, give them support by sharing how I grew up, and let them see how beautiful life can be, even at old age.


Louis, 63

Seniors are good materials for young people. I hope we communicate well enough with them and help mould a better society.


Angelina, 64

To our HKU students- enjoy your days on campus. But do not forget to connect with the community!


H.P. "Happy", 68

I want to let students see what older adults need. Is our society age-friendly? This is something all future planners should think about.


"Wah", 57

I urge our next generations to be equipped with ageing literacy and are more professional in own their fields.


Stephen, 67

Today, direct interaction is a luxury due to advance of technology. Here in CAMPUS, we have the opportunity to have more personal contact with young people. This helps the two generations understand each other so much better.


Louis, 60

My words to youngsters-

(i) Please, pay more attention to older people with a positive mindset.

(ii) Please, do more listening when you are with an older adult.

(iii) Please, be patient and try to treat us as your friends!


Raymond, 64

Words from a HKU alumni-

Yes, your generation is totally different from ours, but the population of older people will continue to increase and you should know more about our generation rather than just yours!

Our Mission
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