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CAMPUS @ LKS Faculty of Medicine

At LKS Faculty of Medicine, CAMPUS engages the Medical Ethics & Humanities Unit to pilot a series of 6 identical workshops for all year IV MBBS students. In the workshops, students would learn about "diversity of ageing" at the medical field and also in everyday life. The team also draws on the support from geriatrician Dr Tak-kwan Kong and retired nurse/ Senior Champion Mr Man-Kar Michael Ho in working out the teaching plan.

Medical Ethics and Humanities Unit_Maste

Before students learn from these older people, they need to know how to live with, to think with older people who may have very fundamental different views and logics from what we have been teaching them in Medical School.

HKU MEHU director Harry Wu

Our Mission

MEHU team

(Harry Wu, Abigail Wright & Samson Wong)

Workshops on the theme of

"Health-related concerns, challenges and expectations in relation to ageing"

for MBBS students

As part of the CAMPUS Project, Medical Ethics and Humanities Unit (MEHU) of LKS Faculty of Medicine and Sau Po Centre on Ageing are co-designing and piloting a workshop series titled “Diversity of Ageing” for all Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) Year 4 students at HKU in the academic year 2019-2020. Through photography and guided discussion with seniors of a diverse background in our local community, medical students and “senior champions” will together reflect on “what is ageing” and jointly explore health-related challenges, expectations and concerns in relation to our human experience of ageing. Ultimately, it is hoped that the workshop will promote greater intergenerational appreciation and more aware and informed future clinicians.

I think people often view ageing population as a problem, rather than seeing it as an opportunity... And I think [for our students,] it is about reframing how people view older people in society...

HKU palliative medicine specialist Abigail Wright

How faculty champions see CAMPUS and ageing...

Abigail Wright on project CAMPUS
Harry Wu on project CAMPUS
Abigail Wright on ageing work
Samson Wong on project CAMPUS
Harry Wu on ageing work
Samson Wong on working with older adults
Abigail Wright on her expectations
towards students
Harry Wu on his expectations towards students
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