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CAMPUS @ Faculty of Law

At Faculty of Law, CAMPUS targets to infuse gerontological elements in a student-initiated team "Outreach Legal Talks Initiative" (team OUTLET) where students would deliver legal talks for older adults, as well as in experiential learning expert Lindsay Ernst's course LLAW6242 Human rights in practice, where students are expected to work on mini projects about "rights of the elderly".

When you're on campus, and you're going to classes everyday, you are just interacting, sometimes, with people who are your own age, with similar interest, doing the same thing in life... whereas Project CAMPUS really gets students thinking about the greater community...

HKU Experiential learning expert Lindsay Ernst

Law student

Marcus Yuen

(project founder & director of OUTLET)

Outreach Legal Talks Initiative

OUTLET logo.jpg

Sau Po Centre on Ageing's organisational goal is to research on ageing issues, and CAMPUS Project aims to research on and promote university students' awareness and understanding on healthy and active ageing. Aligning with their mission, OUTLET receives support from Sau Po in the second academic semester of 2018-19.


We seek to mobilise HKU law students to engage in community legal education. OUTLET was founded against the backdrop of insufficient legal education in the community; lawyers may not possess sufficient time to engage in many substantive legal talks; online legal education sources are still complicated; while elderly and the grassroot general public may not be able to afford solicitors costs, and may not know the existence of online sources, let alone understanding the legal jargon. 


The idea of an interactive, explanatory and laymen legal education for the disadvantaged groups is therefore conceived. We bridge the gap between the underprivileged and access to legal information, by taking the initiative to organise Chinese talks at community centres.


Our strategy also lies in effective stakeholder motivation – we incentivise law students and practitioners to participate by providing incentives and distributing the right work to the right persons. We seek to release the knowledge, time and effort possessed by students for social betterment, by providing an experiential learning opportunity, a knowledge exchange chance – educating the public while getting first-hand exposure to social problems, doing law while doing good, and connections and mentoring network with practitioners. We acknowledge the busy schedule of practitioners and their hearts to bring social justice – we engage legal mentors by inviting them to train students and scrutinise education handouts prepared by themselves, while students can conduct multiple talks at various NGOs. This “train the trainer” cost-efficient operation model also works in terms of legally training the social workers.

Our Mission

Experiential learning expert Lindsay Ernst

 LLAW6242 Human rights in practice: "Rights of the Elderly"

By collaborating with Sau Po Centre on Ageing, the clinical project aims to develop and advance the society’s awareness and understanding of legal issues impacting older people and their families.


Students who work on this project will meet with and interview "senior champions" served by Sau Po Centre on a weekly basis. In collaboration with the senior champions, students would develop a written personal narrative which students will then examine and analyse through a legal framework.


This project seeks to assess, and if needed, proposes policy and broader systemic reform. This project also considers the development and implementation of a legal manual and curriculum for training non-legal professionals regarding the rights of older persons.

Our students are not only playing the role of a "consumer", taking home new knowledge and perspectives, because in project CAMPUS, they are also producing something- relating and applying their knowledge into our community.

HKU law student Marcus Yuen

How faculty champions see CAMPUS and ageing...

Experiential learning expert Lindsay Ernst on project CAMPUS
Law student Marcus Yuen on project
Experiential learning expert Lindsay Ernst
on working with older adults
Law student Marcus Yuen on interacting
with older adults
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