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Faculty Champions

Meet our faculty champions

At the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Architecture.

Faculty of Architecture

Getting old or autumn gold - Cynthia Sin

KK Ling

Honorary Professor,

Department of Urban Planning and Design


LKS Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Law

Medical training invariably focuses on pathology, morbidity and mortality, with the emphasis on treating and curing illness. Likewise, Hong Kong’s ageing population is usually framed as a ‘problem’ to be surmounted. Refreshingly, the CAMPUS project is looking to share a very different narrative of ageing with the intention to turn what many view as ‘challenges’ into future opportunities. Our collaboration with Sau Po Centre on Ageing in this CAMPUS project provides medical students with a forum in which they can explore their own ideas of what diversity of ageing is, hear diverse personal experiences and perspectives on ageing from Champions, and engage in interactive discussion on the topic of ageing. The ultimate aim is to cultivate thinking reflective future clinicians who bring a more balanced and informed perspective on ‘diversity of ageing’ to their practice.

Faculty of Engineering


Luo Hao

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Department of Social Work and Social Administration

I am jointly hired by both the Faculty of Social Science and the Faculty of Engineering and research focuses on big data analytics in health and mental health. In collaboration with colleagues from the Department of Computer Science, I have been working on several research projects on promoting gerontechnology in Hong Kong. During the process, I have learned the importance of multidisciplinary dialogue. In many cases, computer scientists and engineers have the tools while social scientists have the problems. It is critical to provide a platform to facilitate the conversation across disciplines.

The CAMPUS Project provides us with a unique platform for bringing real-life problems to the classroom. Instead of imagining the challenge, students will have the opportunity to gain first-hand experience through direct communication with senior champions. We expect the students to be better motivated and identify significant problems through this unique interaction. 


Harry Wu

Assistant Professor & Director,

Medical Ethics and Humanities Unit

LKS Faculty of Medicine

I received my medical degree in Taiwan in 2004. Before pursuing my career in humanities, I briefly worked at Mackay Memorial Hospital in Taipei as a resident doctor in psychiatry. Before rejoining the University of Hong Kong, I had been teaching at Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine and the History Programme at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. My research work include the history of medicine and medical humanities.


Abigail Wright

Lecturer, Medical Ethics and Humanities Unit

LKS Faculty of Medicine

I am a specialist in palliative medicine from the UK. I also have a Masters in medical ethics from Keele University and am currently coordinating the medical ethics and law programme for HKU medical school as part of the Medical Ethics and Humanities department (MEHU).


Samson Wong

Assistant lecturer, 

Medical Ethics and Humanities Unit

LKS Faculty of Medicine


M.Soc.Sc. in Gerontology

I joined the Medical Ethics and Humanities Unit in 2014 after graduating from Faculty of Arts, HKU. I have been a Programme Manager for the Unit’s Medical Humanities Programme for the past five years. I am also a recent graduate and alumnus of the University’s Gerontology Master Programme.

Our Mission

Marcus Yuen

Founder and Director of "Outreach Legal Talks Initiative"

BSocSc (Govt&Laws) & LLB Year IV

OUTLET (Outreach Legal Talks Initiative) is cooperating with HKU Sau Po Centre on Ageing CAMPUS Project in the first two quarters of 2019. Sau Po Centre on Ageing's organisational goal is to research on ageing issues, and CAMPUS Project aims to research on and promote university students' awareness and understanding on active ageing. Aligning with their mission, OUTLET receives support from Sau Po in the second academic semester of 2018-19. We seek to mobilise HKU law students to engage in community legal education.


I founded OUTLET with my friends upon observing the insufficiency in the status quo in letting the public know of legal issues they ought to know. We therefore need community legal education for the benefit of the public, which is conducted in an interactive, explanatory and laymen manner. I hope you find this website useful. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about OUTLET, its education materials and collaboration opportunities. We also appreciate incoming donation if you agree with our cause and strategies. We are here to promote the spirit of pro bono.

Lindsay Ernst (1).JPG

Lindsay Ernst

Lecturer, Human Rights Experiential Learning;


Co-Director, LLM in Human Rights;


Associate Director, Centre for Comparative and Public Law

It is a true honor and pleasure for me to be able to work with the CAMPUS Project. Since launching HKU’s Street Law Programme with the support of the Centre for Comparative and Public Law in 2010, I have had the great opportunity to work with HKU students, colleagues and multiple community groups to unite communities, deepen social awareness among students and strengthen legal literacy through interactive teaching methods. The CAMPUS Project will be our first-time to work with the Sau Po Centre and their Senior Champions.


I approach teaching and learning as a mutual educational journey. As such, my students and I believe we are all life-long learners with different strengths to share. We welcome this opportunity to learn from and share with the Sau Po Centre and their Senior Champions to make our society more inclusive, empowered and collaborative.

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