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CAMPUS @ Faculty of Engineering

At Faculty of Engineering, CAMPUS engages big data analytics expert Dr Luo Hao to infuse gerontological elements into her course COMP3354 Statistical Learning where students would have the choice to opt for projects related to ageing. Students would work with algorithms that are associated with the ageing challenge.

They [engineering students] are good at developing algorithms... But the problem is that when you try to communicate with them, they don't understand what the society really needs...

HKU Big data analytics expert Luo Hao

Big data analytics expert

Luo Hao

COMP3354 Statistical Learning

The goal of my course is to equip the students with the knowledge and skills needed for applying statistical learning models to real-world problems. The group project is intended to lead the students to the direction of real-world exploration.

Population ageing is a global challenge. By collaborating with HKU Sau Po Centre on Ageing on The CAMPUS Project, students who choose to work on the ageing-related topics will meet with senior champions. They will learn about older person’ needs and identify micro- and macro-level problems that can be assisted by advanced technology and algorithms.

Our Mission

How faculty champions see CAMPUS and ageing...

Big data analytics expert Luo Hao on CAMPUS
Big data analytics expert Luo Hao on her expectations towards students
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