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CAMPUS @ Faculty of Architecture

At Faculty of Architecture, CAMPUS project brings in Senior Champions into the classroom of URBP8001 Community Planning Studio. Architecture students will have the opportunity to engage older adults in the Kowloon City district as they are working on their group projects.

It is important to let the students who will be potentially become town planners to have more knowledge, understanding, and awareness of the problem of ageing

Professor KK Ling

URBP8001 Community planning studio

In the studio, 25 students worked on the "double ageing" issue in Hong Kong and planned an age-friendly Kowloon City under the guidance of Professor K K Ling. Prior to their work, the students were also introduced the population ageing issues by Dr Vivian Lou from Sau Po Centre on Ageing, The University of Hong Kong. Senior Champions were recruited by Sau Po Centre on Ageing to assist students in their community planning projects. At the end, students projects were presented in a community roadshow and raised awareness in the Hong Kong community.

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Our Mission

I have been strongly advocating that the Hong Kong community as a whole, including the Hong Kong, to be more aware of this "double ageing" issue

Professor KK Ling

How faculty champions see CAMPUS and ageing...

Professor KK Ling on his expectations towards students
Professor KK Ling on agieng
Professor KK Ling on CAMPUS project
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